Thai Red Cross Children's Home

Historical Background
The Thai Red Cross Children's Home was born out of concern by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Thai Red Cross Society's Executive Vice-President, for babies abandoned by their mothers after birth at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Queen Sawangvatana Memorial Hospital in Sri Racha, and other Thai Red Cross agencies. Established under Her Royal Highness's initiative on September 17, 1981, the Home takes care of the babies and locates suitable families for adoption so that the children will have a loving and warm family life and a bright future. The Office of the Thai Red Cross Children's Home is located in the Vajiralongkorn Building, Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. It is authorized by law to provide adoption services.     


The Thai Red Cross Children's Home provides the following assistance to abandoned babies and children:

1.  The Home searches for their biological parents and helps them to have a warm family life with their own parents.     
2.  In case their biological parents are not found, or in case it is not possible to place them in the care of their own family, the Home searches for an adoptive family for them and offers legal adoption services.     
3.  The Home takes care of the children, providing them with education, vocational training, religious and ethical lessons, health care, jobs, and hobbies, as individually needed.     
4.  The Home provides support for studies and research into child and family welfare.     


1.  Child Care The Thai Red Cross Children's Home is responsible for taking care of children abandoned at Thai Red Cross agencies so that they will be healthy physically, mentally, and socially. These children have close relationships with the nannies, nurses, and pediatricians at the Foundation and are prepared to live with adoptive families to be good citizens in the future. The Foundation can take care of a total of 50 children at a time.

2.  Child Welfare
- Searching for an adoptive family either in Thailand or abroad that is suitable for each child and ready to adopt him or her under the Thai law.
- Keeping in close contact with the adoptive families in order to give necessary consultations and solve possible problems about child rearing.
- Giving necessary support and assistance to children formerly in its care who have returned to their family.     

3.  General Administration has 13 members of staff in six sections as follows:     
1.  The Supply Section is responsible for purchasing stationery items, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items for the Foundation and collecting donations from interested people and agencies.    
2.  The Document Filing Section is responsible for in-coming and out-going documents of the Foundation including issuance of out-going documents and filing.     
3.  The Finance-Accounting Section is responsible for the Foundation's finances and bookkeeping.     
4.  The Public Relations Section is responsible for the Foundation's press releases.     
5.  The Personnel Section is responsible for the staff members' salaries, promotion, leave-taking, and annual leave.     
6.  The Transportation Service Section is responsible for shuttle bus services for the children from the Foundation to Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and their schools and vice versa.

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