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The Thai Red Cross Society  Helps Dam Disaster Victims in Laos

Account name : Fund Raising Bureau of the Thai Red Cross Society 

Account No. : 045-3-04637-0   
Branch : The Thai Red Cross Society 

Account Type :  Current Account 

For issuing the receipt of the donation, Please send bank transfer slip together with Name and address of the donor at Facebook inbox :

For further information, please contact 

Tel: 0 2256 4440-3, 0 2255 9911 or Call center  1664

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PR News

A Thai Red Cross Society Delegation Commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions of 1949
          The Geneva Conventions of 1949 turns 70 this year with the Thai Red Cross Society (...
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Red Cross District Branches No. 1541
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Provincial Red Cross Chapters No. 1541
    Narathiwat Province The President of Narathiwat Red Cross Chapter along with the Committee and...
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RETHINKING THE FUTURE OF VOLUNTEERING? Globally the Red Cross and Red Crescent have some 11-12 million volunteers. This number fluctuates somewhat depending on what disasters and crises may emerge on any given year, but regardless it is still a significant number of people mobilising to support others. There is some discussion on the... 21/12/2018 - 17:11
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