Thai Red Cross Society is a national charitable organization undertaking humanitarian activities in keeping with the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, on whom the public, particularly the vulnerable, may rely for support and assistance.



Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS), in keeping with the spirit of the Movement’s Fundamental Principles, endeavours to alleviate human suffering, promote international humanitarian law, and provide health services to the most vulnerable among children, women and the elderly. The activities of Thai Red Cross Society cover four core areas: medical and health care services, disaster preparedness and response, blood transfusion services, and the promotion of the quality of life especially of the vulnerable. It strives to build a dynamic and innovative organization with the assistance of volunteers, youth and provincial chapters to enhance its services and improve its capacity to reach vulnerable people in times of need.



The first strategy : Excellent and one-stop medical and public health services

The second strategy : Speedy assistance to disaster victims

The third strategy : The development and expansion of services in blood donation, plasma products and stem cells

The fourth strategy : The development and promotion of people’s quality of life

The fifth strategy : The proactive integral development of the management system

The sixth strategy : The development of the integrative proactive management system